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Calendar for different parts of the troop

Our Troop has a calendar for the Troop and for a Patrol (we only have one). I would like to have a calendar event option for the PLC, Troop Committee, etc. How do I add other options for events?

I think you can make an event for the Troop and Call it PLC and change the invitees to match the PLC. I don’t use the Scoutbook calendar much these days but recall that.

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@JasonWaddell - I have set up events using the Other designation and invited folks accordingly.

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This is a spot where the Feature Assistant for Chrome & Firefox comes in handy. You can create a (for example) PLC meeting once, get the invitee list correct, then duplicate the event to another date.

ETA: In response to the actual question you asked, there is not presently a way to create any other event types in Scoutbook. Instead, the easiest approach I have found so far for recurring types of events is to create the event “manually” once, then use the Feature Assistant Extension as noted above.

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I defer to @CharleyHamilton as that will certainly help

It’s already baked into the Scoutbook calendar. Create an event, pick your Troop calendar, and you can select the event type, which will change the invitee list appropriately:

  • Troop Meeting: Invites all Scouts and all Leaders
  • Court of Honor: Invites all Scouts, all Leaders, and all Parents
  • Patrol Leaders’ Council: Invites the SPL, ASPL, Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders, and Scribe
  • Committee Meeting: Invites all Leaders

You can then edit the invitee list from there.

My only comment here is that, for units who include more than just those youth PoRs in the PLC meetings (e.g. QM, instructors, guide, etc), the “canned” invite list isn’t adequate.

True enough, but it’s a good starting point.

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