Event Types Not Allowing Attendance

There are certain event types in the calendar that do not allow attendance. Can this be updated?
Example doing a service project “Other” that is not at a troop meeting we can’t take attendance.
“Training” is another, has to create ILST as a Troop Meeting to track. There are a few others, can we just allow all categories to track attendance?
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@Tom_Elkins not sure I understand - I have no issues with these and attendance - it is odd it is not under Edit and that is reported

now if you turn on RSVP that does seem to mess up attendance on all events and that is being looked at

I’ve been messing around, recreating some past events, sometimes I can set attendance sometimes I can’t. The only constant is, if I set to troop meeting, set attendance, then change the event type it seems to keep the attendance info.

I can not add participants to camping events. I am able to add participants to service events though. This was an issue in July 2023 but it seems to be a problem again.

I just did 5 campouts tonight (getting caught up). I did them from Internet Advancement’s calendar as the starting point.

Where you creating the event and trying to add participants or were you doing it from the IA calendar?

I was in IA. I have tried adding participants at the same time as I am creating the event and I have tried creating the event and later editing it to add participants. Neither approach has worked. Again, this only seems to be a problem with camping. I have successfully added service events with participants.

@DeniseLee for what unit? and can you proved a screenshot?

Troop 301B and 301G. I just updated my computer and subsequently rebooted it. Then I was able to add the attendance.

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