Events from Scoubook didn't transfer over

We have all our events for the year entered into Scoubook, and the help file says that they should automatically be synced over to Internet Advancement Calendar, but our IA calendar is blank. Is there a manual sync option, or a tool to migrate them?

Please add a screenshot of the blank calendar

And the filter drop down

Yep, just did. All dens are checked.

@AdamNess - a hard refresh of the browser does nothing ? I have all of our events listed. What browser are you using on your phone ? Is it the same on your pc

@Stephen_Hornak I usually use Firefox on my phone, but I’ve tried it in Chrome and even the Scouting app, and they’re all blank, even after refreshing. I’ll check it on my PC when I get home.

@AdamNess - thanks and please do post if it is good on the pc. Everything thing is showing on my tablet and pc on chrome and Firefox.

How many units are you in?

I logged out and back in again on the Scouting app, and now it’s showing up there, but still nothing in the calendars on IA

Just one, the pack. But I’m the committee chair so I think that’s why I have all the Dens showing.

Heres the view in Firefox on my laptop, just for reference. Still no events.

@AdamNess please post your MID (BSA#) so I do not have to look itup

13730599 is my member number on IA.

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Another point of reference, when I tried to add a new event, I got an “unauthorized” error

What do you have the drop-down set to at the top?

Can you be more specific? There are several drop downs on any given page.

The yellow in the upper right with the Cub Scout symbol.

It shows the same whether I select my unit or my scout.

That’s all good info to know. It has been passed along to the developers.