IA Calendar Events have disappeared

Hello, I know that calendar functionality will be redirected to IA in a few days (April 4th), but we’ve just noticed that almost all of our future events have disappeared from both Scoutbook and IA calendars. Is it possible this is related to the migration?

Find that rather un-likely - have you just rechartered or something?

Also did you check the filters?

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For context, there’s no migration of data. Both calendars write to and read from the same database. It’s just a change in the front end. So, no data was moved or deleted. It must be somewhere.

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Thanks for the replies! I agree that it seems quite unlikely. I didn’t see any place to change event type filters in IA, but these events have also disappeared from Scoutbook and for everyone in our troop. We recharted in December, so I don’t think that could be the cause.

As an example, we have a weekly reoccurring event for our troop meeting that curiously also shows the last instance as yesterday. In the event details everything looks correct except possibly one field that says “Repeat:7:Days:1:-5312594”. Is there any sort of change log for a troop that shows when events are modified or deleted?

I think that the Audit Log report under the Unit Reports menu in Scoutbook should show something if stuff was deleted.
Look under the “Other” category in the report.

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