Events not visible for adult/parent on mobile app

When using the mobile app while on the adult/parent initial home screen there is no way to view scheduled events. Events are only accessible when you select the individual scout profile. It appears that the parent profile is not linked to the troop.

On Scoutbook, the events that show in the “Upcoming Events” list only included events to which the individual is invited (not, for example) the individual’s scout. I wonder if the app is behaving the same way, although I don’t have a “plain parent” account to play with at the moment.

Is the parent invited to any of the events that are showing up under the scout’s profile?

ETA: Discussions of the mobile app probably belong here:

Hi Charley,

I stand corrected, the events tab does appear, but only for one particular recent event. Which as you stated, may be an event I was invited to.

I will check with our secretary to see if this an issue with how the events are created.

Thank you.


In the app, switch from your profile to your scout’s and see if the calendar show up that way.

Thank you Steve. I believe the issue is how the events are being created. I will bring this to the secretary’s attention.

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