Pack Events not displaying in app

Hi! New Pack CC here. Trying to encourage our leaders and parents to use Scoutbook and avoid twelve different platforms for emails, calendars, etc. Problem is, our Pack Events (Annual Planning Meeting, fall campout) are not showing up in the app. Is there some setting I’ve missed? I see them just fine on the desktop version.

Also, had a den leader use the new den leader portal and entered some meetings by mistake, and now he cannot delete them. Is this on the docket to be fixed? It’s caused some confusion and new families not to “trust” reminder emails coming for things that ARE real.

Thanks for any and all help!

TC, Superior, CO

@TrishaCheek - the scouting app is for parents and scouts. Unless these folks are on the invitees list in I am not sure they will see them in the scouting app. Your best best is have them all use or if they want to use the app make sure all are invited to events in scoutbook.

I personally tend to subscribe to the unit/subunit calendars in Scoutbook using the Subscribe link:

That way, I get the updates in my preferred calendar application. I also use the web interface to Scoutbook almost exclusively. I occasionally look at the app as a parent, but I don’t find it particularly intuitive to navigate/use.

On your questions regarding the Den Leader Experience interface, your DL can set the meetings to dates in the past, so that they disappear. I personally strongly recommend against the DLE interface for reasons like this. I know that the ability to delete the meetings has been requested, but I’m not sure if it has been scheduled/released.

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If this is the my.scouting app, then it is this stupid non-functional calendar that has nothing to do with anything. Garbage!

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I have had issues with events not coming through ever since the last scoutbook app update. I think this is occurring for a lot of people, not just you. I reached out to my council a few days ago and they opened up a national support ticket so hopefully this gets fixed soon.

Thanks Stephen!

Another question regarding this: Since I am CC (and obviously invited to Annual Planning) shouldn’t it show up for me? And any of my other leaders who are also parents?

I am training my new secretary this week (previously it was me) and so I’m trying my best to get all my ducks in a row. If the app is too confusing and has limited connectivity to the desktop version, then it sounds like we would do best to “ignore” it and send parents to the desktop version only. AND mostly ignore the Den Leader portal too. Does this jive with what you’ve all seen? Thanks again for all the feedback!

@TrishaCheek Are you listed on the calendar events as an Invitee?

@TrishaCheek - where are you looking ? That bit of info is helpful to help you. Now I will note to look at what Charlie posted as well. You should see it on the unit page for sure.

Yep, just double checked. I’m right there on the list on the desktop, and nothing at all shows up for the same date in the app.

I did subscribe as Charlie recommended and that works. But the app seems to have issues. I can see my Tenderfoot’s summer camp in a few weeks and the mistaken meetings that aren’t real for my Wolf, but not Annual Planning or Cubs fall campout at all. Hope that helps you somewhat!

@TrishaCheek - the thing is with the app it is meant for a parent/scout view… so not sure how it would apply if your only in the leader section of an event and not in the parent section on an event.

Gotcha. Well, I would like to officially request that gets changed! I don’t have a single leader in my Pack who isn’t a parent of a Cub in the pack, so that’s a miss as far as I’m concerned. We have a hard enough time keeping parents in the loop as it is! An app that only shows some of the events won’t work for us!

Thanks to all for your replies. This tells me it isn’t me! Thanks again!

@TrishaCheek - I just checked the scouting app, and all of our troop and crew events show in the calendar there, so seems like an event setup issue. You may want to verify the invitees on your events.

Beyond that they can all get to and create a shortcut on the home screen of their phones.

@TrishaCheek - any luck on what I posted ?

Hi Stephen!

Not exactly. I just added a couple of events to try things out, and I show up in the leader section of invitees, and my son in the members section. Unless it takes awhile to process, now nothing is showing up, for either of us. The events are our summer events, and they’re both entered as Pack Meetings on the desktop version, so I’m assuming they should show up for both of us. Super strange.

I like your shortcut to idea the best. It seems like that seems to be the only bug-free way to go about all of this. Let me know if you have any other ideas! Thanks!

Are you seeing ANY events in the app? Just in case, You have to click on the individual dates with the dots to see the event details.

I should have noted that as well. ^^^^

Yes. I see my Tenderfoot’s summer camp next week (I’m not in leadership for the Troop, just the Pack) and my Wolf’s den meetings (except those were entered into the DL portal and are incorrect). I have no further dots! Would love more assistance if possible. Thank you!

To try something, when you log into scoutbook, and go to my dashboard and expand events, do you see the missing events there on my dashboard (without going to the full calendar)? That should also include only the events you are invited to. If it’s missing there too, I suspect we need to look for duplicate accounts for you.

Hi Jacob!

Here are some screenshots for you. First up, the desktop version, where you can see two Wolf meetings (which are incorrect and were put in via the DL Experience), our Swim Night and Annual Planning. I navigated to this via My Dashboard only.

Now, here are the screenshots of the app for June and July. All you’ll see is the two “bad” Wolf meetings.

Not even the grey dots on 6/30 or 7/6 to indicate something.

I would really love the ability to use this with our parents, but I’ll steer them towards the desktop only if that’s the best course of action. We struggle enough with communication and parents signing in to Scoutbook in the first place! (I did at one time have multiple accounts, but I’m fairly certain that got fixed awhile ago). Any and all advice is much appreciated! Thank you!

Within scoutbook, you went to the pack page. That displays all events for the pack (and dens). I wanted you to stay on my dashboard while expanding the events menu.