Exploring Activities

Can we get an option in the activity tracker to in put ride alongs or a generic “activity” along with the current Service Hours, Camping, or Hiking?

There is an item in the backlog to add additional activity types but at this time we do not know if or when the BSA will schedule it for implementation.

What do you mean by ride-alongs? Is that with police officers? Is there a requirements to do so many or some many hours for explorers?

Explorers (Especially Law enforcement) track various hours for honors. Would have to look through all the CAA’s, but I can not think of too much tracking for those

Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire exploring utilize ride alongs as part of their programs. There are various awards that can be earned, based on number of hours completed in different areas. We currently have to manually track these hours in excel or insert your favorite tracking software. It would be nice to have everything in one place. We currently only use advancement for recharter and service hours tracking (once a year). If the exploring advisor knows what Scoutbook is they might use that but I used to just order it from the scout store if I needed it after tracking everything myself.