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Export Activity Information

Is there a way to export the activity logs from IA similar to the way there was in scoutbook (export to .csv)? It doesn’t have to be .csv, just something that is parseable, so that I can craft some meaningfull reports.

Currently I cannot easily tell how many service hours a scouts has/needs, how many outdoor activities, troop activities, etc. All important advancement related metrics. Unless I am missing a report somewhere…

An API would be ever better, but I’ll settle for getting access to the data (that I provided). Otherwise I’ll have to resort to managing it on my own and then wont have a need to enter it in IA.

Go to Internet Advancement > click Reports in Grey area to Left > Click Reports at top beside Purchase History > Activity Log Report

Thanks for the reply about report… I guess my request for EXPORT of the data was not clear. I dont want a “pretty print” report. I want the data, in a way that easy for a computer to digest, so I that it could make intelligent reports using my own business logic, because that ability is lacking in the current tools.

If I NEED To text scrape that generated HTML then I will do it. Scraping is easily prone to errors.

Scoutbook had the ability to export activity logs to csv, which are much easier to import to your data analysis tool of choice. Unfortunately that data ends with the transition to IA.

we have asked about the CSV as that is how they are all supposed to be - we will see

Mr. McNeil,

As AdvChair for 2 troops (male and female), I second Mr. Goldstein’s request for a non-PDF export option from IA. Or if we can feed the newer activities information back over into Scoutbook.

If I can find the feature request location, will post there also.

Mr. Goldstein,

Believe I’ve found a hidden obscured feature in IA that is not exactly what we want for an export, but is better than PDF reports.

In IA, goto the Roster page, do not select any scouts, across the gray heading goto “Run Report”, then select “Activities Summary Report”. This provides an HTML report with CSV option. It provides just that, a summary, versus an export of each event.