Scoutbook RSVP report in CSV format - can IA import it?

My guess is that the answer is no because I can’t find how to do it in IA. Another guess is that it’s on the someday list. But I’d love to be told I’m wrong because this would save a lot of re-typing.

@JamesDeibele - the only upload to IA is that of advancement files from 3rd party advancement trackers and only certain ones at that. I have found ot best to add the activities after the fact which allows for a more accurate accounting. You can enter the various participation levels in the advanced tab.

Thank you. I’ve contacted one of them to see if they would provide a service to update IA with the CSV file. We had more than 40 Scouts at Camporee a couple of weekends ago and it’s not much fun double and triple checking that I’ve gotten everybody.

Thanks again.

@JamesDeibele - i guess you really did not follow what i was stating. ONLY ADVANCEMENT DATA CAN BE UPLOADED. There is no option to upload anything else and since the BSA owns UA the third partty companies can not provide something that is not supported.

I’m not sure why you mentioned the 3rd party trackers if they don’t address my specific issue, which is taking the Scoutbook event attendance report in CSV format and uploading it to IA.

Thank you for clarifying.

@JamesDeibele - oh my word… i mentioned them because the only upload to IA is advancement and the file firmat for that was given to select third party tracking. I guess i need to dumb down my responses

There is NO capability to transfer Calendar attendance data from the Scoutbook calendar to the activities in Internet Advancement. The only option is to enter the data manually. A future enhancement will link the calendars but that is a long way off as it requires the Scoutbook calendar to be replaced with an IA based calendar.

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It’s good to know that it’s on the roadmap even if it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Thank you.

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