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Export MBC List

I’d like to have an option to print a subset of the merit badge counselor list. I’m not talking about being able to print the entire directory. When a scout comes to me and asks for a merit badge counselor for a particular merit badge, I would like to be able to print off a list of available MBC in their area. Currently I do screen shots of the available MBC which is just plain silly. Our Council is refusing to provide any kind of MBC list.

It’s a BSA decision that the MBC list is restricted to certain leader positions and not printable. BSA will not implement the change you’re requesting.


I can provide some more background on this. Several councils have requested that the MBC list or any portion of it not be exportable from Scoutbook.

What I do when a Scout asks me for MBC names is tell them to get paper and a pen, then I read the information from my phone or computer and let them write it down. I rarely give the Scout more than 3 names so it is not difficult for the Scout to do this.

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I appreciate your hard stance on this but I have news for you. It’s being printed even if through screen shots. I think it silly that instead of making life easier for the VOLUNTEERS that you are making things more difficult. I have a large unit and when I get 20 or 30 scouts a month coming at me looking for merit badge counselors it’s get a bit crazy. I am also a merit badge counselor and when I signed up it was assumed [by me] that my name and number would be generally available to the scouting community. I’m not asking to print the entire MBC list. Just trying to make it easier to get the information to our youth (even if I only give them 3 to 5 names). I think instead of SUAC making a blanket decision on it’s own and you polled those that are actually using Scoutbook you would get a different answer.

You’re tilting at the wrong windmill. @SteveCagigas isn’t the one making that call. As he and @edavignon noted, it’s a BSA call. SUAC is just the poor schlubs who have to carry the message every time we complain about it.

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The SUAC did not make this decision, the BSA did. If the BSA had allowed the MBC list to be exported, several large Councils would not have agreed to make their MBC lists available via Scoutbook.

From the Guide to Advancement:

Due to concerns about merit badge counselor privacy, and since Scouts should receive the names and contact information from the Scoutmaster, unit counselor lists should not be made available to Scouts.

I interpret this to mean I should never give a Scout a list of more than 2 or 3 MBCs for the MB the Scout is interested in. If you chose to provide the information via a screen shot, that is your choice. I choose to let the Scout’s do the work of writing the information down.

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My apologies to you both.

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