Exporting scoutbook calendar to wix page

Hi, our Pack has a wix page. We used to be able to embed the scoutbook calendar on one of our pages, and it would show up just like the home calendar page on scoutbook, within a window on the page. This no longer functions. Is there a way to embed the scoutbook ics into a wix page? No help found so far on wix forums, no scoutbook mentions at all actually.

We have an ics feed on a go daddy one. I just checked and it is still working. So, it is likely on the wix side.

How long ago did it break? Is the ics file linking to …scoutbook.com or …scoutbook.scouting.org? The former is now obsolete, although it (sometimes) forwards correctly for the URL.

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Secure web page connection

I recommend using the more secure URL connection beginning with https://scoutbook.scouting.org

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