Calendar Sync Up to Google, iCal; Show on Website

It would be nice to have the events sync up to your calendar like in the Band app. A parent can sync their own calendar to add all events in that app. Having it show up on our Pack Web Site would be super helpful, too.

Stephen- you can do that by copying the ics r subscribing to it on your calendar app.

Take a look here

I am not familiar with where to find the ics of the calendar. Are you able to show the calendar on a web site? Thanks for your help.

Stephen- the ics for the calendars are found by clicking events, then when you have the calendar view scroll down and just below are the ics links where it says subscribe. Now as far as showing them on a web site, we have unit gmail accounts and their calendars are subscribed to the scoutbook calendars.

Thank you so much. For some reason I either never saw that or it didn’t hit me. I appreciate your pointing it out to me.