ICS links broken, feeds not working

I previous set up ICS feeds from all our dens’ calendar groups from Scoutbook to our website. It was noticed that our Lions den is no longer importing, so I went back to the “subscribe” links in the Scoutbook calendar to check all the codes, but those links are now all broken. All subscribe links go to “Scoutbook” without any identifying ICS codes. I am viewing the calendar from my desktop, not mobile phone, and it’s the desktop view not a mobile view of the calendar. The old links were all like “https://scoutbook.scouting.org/ics/58874.78F91.ics” and all but one of the links are still working. I need these links back and working to be able to use Scoutbook with our site.

@KevinHatch I agree - I will report this issue

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@KevinHatch Links on page point to that - but if you click it - you are given correct link

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