External Guest not on RSVP report

I am really happy about the external guest option for events - very helpful. However, they do not appear on RSVP reports, either by name or in the total count. So we cannot use that report as a complete roster which kind of defeats the purpose of having them included in the invite. Is that by design or can that be fixed?

As the External guest is not part of the unit they would not be able to RSVP as they would not see the calendar

So how is it that the external guest feature is supposed to be used?

In this case as Unit Admin I added his name and RSVPd for him since he is going on the outing. Thought that it would be great to have a complete roster?? Otherwise not sure what this feature is even for?

The feature originally came into being to permit units to send out the “same” invitation to non-unit people. However, for security reasons, non-unit people can’t access the calendar.

One method to capture RSVPs from non-unit people would be for the event coordinator to create a comment, and track those RSVPs in that comment. Those can then be manually added to the “unit” totals to capture the complete dataset.

I didn’t realize you can add a name to the attendee list (that wasn’t already on the unit roster somewhere). How did you do that?

Pretty simple. If you go into Edit Event, it says “Add External Guest” at the bottom of the Invitees column. That brings up a screen to add their name and email.

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If adding a person only for attendance perposes, the email doesn’t need to be accurate - 1@gmail, etc.

My question here is the RSVP report. My hope was, that by adding an external guest, they would appear on the RSVP report- (we’re not using this to email anyone). I can see them as an “RSVP yes” in the attendance column but that does not get picked up on the RSVP report.

@ConstanceF that is being discussed

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