Bugs from new features on 10-11

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  1. While you can select a sub-unit as attendees, you still cannot add leaders from other units or the pack when event calendar is limited to just your sub-unit. I currently cannot add any events because my we don’t have a 2nd registered in the Den and the Cub Master can’t be assigned.
  2. The RSVP report generates a 404 error.

Still cannot edit events (Den admin & Den Leader permissions).

Log out and log back in again. If you still get a 404 error, do a hard window refresh (ctrl-refresh) this will make sure you have the current version. Let us know if that fixes the issue.

This has been reported to development

I was able to replicate this error and reported it to Development (I would think it would be a quick fix since it is working on the test server)

Can I ask what testing the developers do before pushing an update?

I’m in software development and it seems like they push out an update without ever truely testing it. The IA calendar is supposed to be the only calendar available come November and there are still some pretty major bugs with just basic use.


Can there be an RSVP Deadline and youth | leader fees fields for events? This is a one reason we use a 3rd party tool for our pack outside of advancement.

Would you giveus a little more detail about what you are looking for?

Event detail formatting appears to be lost when submitting an event. Line breaks, extra spaces, etc.

Not sure how to see attendee names also and appears that only an RSVP report will show? There is a count but you can’t expand for names.

Is there an ETA on these bug fixes and the release when they will be seen? I’m surprised there is any widely published calendar shut off date with the major bugs and basic features not in the IA calendar. Is there something prompting this deadline?

ETAs and release dates are not shared. If you read between the lines, it seems like they will be more criteria based vs time based, but we don’t / won’t know.

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I am also getting this error on the IA RSVP report. Win 10 running Chrome.

HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.


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