"Extra" Adult Leader Recharter Requirements


As a California unit, we’re subject to AB506 state law requirements (fingerprinting, mandated reporter training) for all unit leaders. It’s only a matter of time before other states start passing their own laws for youth protection and youth leader training; meaning that in the long-term, BSA is going to end up with this patchwork policy framework in which YPT applies to everyone, but in some states there are additional state-specific requirements.

Have you thought about what this means in terms of adult leader registration for a particular unit in a particular council? Currently Adult Leader registration is gated on YPT. In CA it should also be gated on Mandated Reporter Training and Livescan. In other states the requirements will be different. How do unit leaders and commissioners pull reports easily? What is the strategy around this?

@NicholasPelis - you do realize that there is nobody from national on these forums. Beyond that ask your council to propse your question to national.


You need to address this question to your Council professional staff. If they feel there is a need, they can open a ticket with BSA IT to enhance the tools.


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