Commissioner Unit Dashboard

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Thanks. Standing by for the actual go live. The training video is great to describe where the materials can be found now.

It… is… a… live!

Make sure you clear your browser cache so you can see the new feature.

Looks really nice! I checked out my own unit. It looks like there is a bug or a wording issue.

The pack says “Adults Registered” at 39. We only have 26. I think the 39 includes all parents. So, they aren’t “registered”. If the intent is to include all adults in the system for that unit, the wording may be “adults associated with this unit” or something other than registered.


Lion and Tiger Parents are still registered Adults.

Isn’t that inconsistent with the announcement to not include them in the roster?

@RonaldBlaisdell - they may well be “registered” in that role but as far as registered leaders they are no-fee, no YPT.

If I pull a roster of your unit, they are there. So, they count. I just did a check with a Pack in my Council - same thing says 13 Adults Register, but only 7 are “leaders” in the unit. I can tell that by looking at the Training Stats for YPT.

@Matt.Johnson - I just re-reviewed the video, and heard nothing to that effect. If you can tell me where you saw that in an advance announcement, I can work to have it corrected.

@RonaldBlaisdell - from the BSA Registration Guidebook:

No-Fee-Required Registrations
Merit badge counselors, STEM Nova counselors, and religious emblem coordinators are registered adult leader positions that require a
completed BSA adult application, Youth Protection training, and a criminal background check, but no registration fee is required unless they
choose to pay to receive Scouting magazine.
Executive officer and Lion and Tiger adult partner positions do not require a registration fee because they are not registered adult
leader positions. These positions also do not require a completed BSA adult application and are not submitted for a criminal background
check. While Youth Protection training is not required for adults holding these positions, it is recommended for all participating adult

The label for the data says “Adults Registered.”

It does not say “Adult Leaders” so therefore the data is correct.

@RonaldBlaisdell - ah yes… it does however tend to confuse pack leaders who attempt to locate them to add as leaders in the pack.

They can see them when they run a Roster report.

I looked at a local pack - 13 registered adults - I ran a roster, filtered out the youth, uniquely counted the remaining adults, and it was 13 registered adults, even if only 7 were registered unit leaders.

Keep in mind, Packs are the only unit where this occurs.

Sure, but Packs are half the program.

The announcement is back from 2/17. I think the confusion is between being registered and being a registered volunteer. Pretty fine difference in words, and a worlds apart from what someone can and can’t do. This causes a lot of issues when people can’t be a DL and they say “but I am registered” and then we have to say “yes, you were a registered adult partner, but not a registered volunteer” and they say “what does that mean?”

As a commissioner the “adults registered” is meaningless if it includes partners. It doesn’t really show me how well “staffed” a unit is. I want to know how many registered volunteers they have based on the size of the unit. I am going to aways assume each lion and tiger has an adult partner, because they have to, but I don’t see that as something that affects the health of the unit.

If we want to keep that number, I would add a second to the dashboard that is registered volunteers.


So - why have another field at all when all I need to do is look at YPT - which is the next line, do we really need to add another label?

I would still reword “Adults Registered”. It should say “Registered Adults and Cub Partners” or something like that. It just seems not correct to list them as registered adults as it leads people to think they are registered, and they are not.

Proper labeling makes it so you don’t have to “know what it really means”, it would just say it.

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So, what I have done is forwarded this whole thread over to those who authored the dashboard from conception and let them know. We are also monitoring the rest of social media for other input that comes in.


@RonaldBlaisdell Thank you. The YPT chart seems odd if 13 are registered, why only 7 with YPT?

Because Executive Officers and Lion / Tiger adult partners are registered (in no fee positions), but YPT is not required.

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