Council requires YPT every year. There doesn't seem to be a way to accommodate this

The national requirement for YPT is every other year. Cascade Pacific Council requires it every year. I can’t find any setting for this that’s under my control. Maybe it doesn’t need to be, if there was a setting on the Council level for YPT frequency. That way it would apply to all packs, troops, etc. in CPC territory.

I’d rather do this in Scoutbook than have a shared Google spreadsheet or something similar.


There is currently no such setting. It is up to the members and Council to know that YPT must be taken every year and enforce the policy.

Having said that, it appears the bankruptcy settlement will require annual YPT for all volunteers so going forward, this may be enforced by the national IT systems.


Scoutbook doesn’t track training. Training is tracked at my.scouting.

What you can do is ask one of your troop’s Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) to go to my.scouting and use the Position Manager to give you the functional role of Unit Training Chair or YPT Champion.

As Unit Training Chair or YPT Champion, you will be able to use the Training Manager to track YPT for the adult leaders in your unit.

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That’s good to know, thank you.

Thank you, it’s good to know that functionality is there even if it’s not in Scoutbook. We have a committee meeting coming up and I’ll present that information.

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As Ed has pointed out changes at the national level may be coming. However, currently some councils also already have a requirement that annually renewed positions be current for the term of the position before renewing. That local requirement may require taking the BSA® youth protection training (YPT) annually

I just had to retake YPT because my current YPT expired a month before the end of the next calendar year.

My council requires that YPT be current though end of the calendar year. Also, councils in California may also be removing direct-contact adults volunteers that have not meet a California law and related regulation requirements.

  • California Scouting.” Boy Scouts of America Inc., accessed 2022-02-05, (Additional youth protection training, LiveScan (digital fingerprinting), and FBI criminal background check required by BSA and California Assembly Bill 506 website).

I understand Cascade Pacific Council, BSA serves youth in 19 counties of NW Oregon and SW Washington.

I not know if a unit alerting system, in addition to training manager reports, is planned or not.

I suspect planning for changes to myScouting tools and Scoutbook is on hold until after the court case is completed.


Our Council requires it to be taken every year so your YPT does not run out during your charter, Our calendar runs from Jan 1 until Dec 31. Yes,.your YPT is good for two years. The only way to NOT have to take it every year is to take it on Dec 31…then you are good for two years. I think the reason is there is a metric for council on YPT conformance. If folks YPT is runs out during the year, then Council or District gets a bad grade and they have to track down the individuals where their ypt is expired and get them to retake it. Rather than spend the energy to keep track of all the volunteers YPT, they just make you take it every year for rechartering. You can;t recharter a leader if their YPT is expired. Council gets to boast a 100% conformance rate for YPT. I take the course on Dec 31 and get my two years. Just grab the laptop while you are watching TV that night and take the course…


This is true and this is why our council will join yours and others and require that YPT cover the full next year.

What I do not understand is Council has never “fessed” up and said this the reason for the yearly YPT. just be honest and say we have this metric we are measured against and this way we maintain a 100% rating on this metric… Here in PA, due to Penn State scandal, a new leader must have YPT, PA State Police background check, PA Child Abuse background check, FBI background check or if you have lived in PA for more than 10 years, then you have to fill out a wavier, adult application in order to register. Then your PA Child Abuse background is only good for a limited time, so you have to redo that check within the window… Before or after the window, you as a volunteer have to pay for the background…otherwise it is free to complete…A merit badge counselor will need to have their merit badge training completed and merit badge application in addition to the all the other documents. So adding adults to the roster is not an easy thing to do.

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