Feature Assistant Change Log

Lists updates made to the Feature Assistant Extension

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4/10/2019 V0.41.0.17 Fixes an issue with import parents on a new unit where leaders are not connected to any Scouts. Fixes an issue with payment QE related to permissions

4/23/2019 V0.41.0.18 Revises links on the help page to point to new forums.

5/4/2019 V0.41.0.19 Fixes a number validation issue on the Payment Quick Entry. At the time of release, AMO Firefox is not issuing certificates for updates due to a problem with their internal certificate process. The update to the extension for Firefox is pending the AMO certificate resolution.

5/7/2019 V0.41.0.20 Fixes an issue where the MBC Quick Entry for Scouts in the same unit as the counselor was failing.

5/8/2019 Firefox has resolved their certificate issue that was affecting ALL Firefox extensions. V0.41.0.20 is now available.

6/12/2019 V0.42.0 A couple of compatibility changes were made to support Scoutbook code changes in the calendar and reports menu area.
New features were added to the Payment balance Report. CSV exports of views are now available. Additionally, for Unit Accounting using the UnitPaylog Account, a transaction filter option was added to hide all account-to-account transfers so only transactions floowing in and out of the system are visible.

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