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Feature Assistant Change Log

7/16/2019 V0.42.0.1 Released bug fixes:

  • Black Pug Import where scouts were being ignored if the csv file contained leading spaces in the scout’s name
  • MBC Invite feature adjusted to handle the new zip code field in the lookup page
  • Removed appended information to messages when sending texts

8/5/2019 V0.43.0 Released New Features and bug fixes

New Features:

  • Calendar Event Export to CSV feature added. Creates a file with the same format as the import calendar feature.
  • Retain Message Contents - if you have multiple units, you can send the same message to both by retaining the content after sending to the first.
  • Council Unit activity Statistics - Council Admins can view statistics on how many units (by type and District) have has user activity in specific timeframes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed and issue with adding invitees
  • Fixes an issue where loading the extension does not appear to have any effect
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