Missing "Import Black Pug Data" from Dashboard

We recently returned from Summer Camp and my unit advancement chair and treasurer both do not have this option when they log in. This option is part of the unit advancement chair role, so I’m not sure why it disappeared for him. My unit treasurer had it because I gave it to him. However for both of them, they no longer see this option when they log in.

The permissions look correct to me (theirs matches mine) when I looked at the Permissions by Role and the Connections Manager.

Please help me fix this, I’m not sure what happened to break it.


that is an Extension feature for Firefox/Chrome - is the Extension on? On My Mac Chrome is more reliable for it

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silly question!! have you confirmed they have the feature assistant extension installed?

@JasonFranqui - as Ron notes, please make sure these users have the extension installed and are using chrome. That is NOT a native feature of scoutbook.

Understood, I guess I thought I had these leaders import this data before, but I may be remembering this incorrectly. I have let them know the issue and provided them the link to the extension. I am pretty sure this must be the issue, but I haven’t heard from them yet to confirm. Thanks for the quick responses!


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