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Feature Assistant Change Log

11/15/2019 V0.43.0.10 Bug Fixes

  • Fixes CSV import issues with events, better matching to export formats handled.
  • Fixes an issue with the payment quick entry page caused by the removal of an unapproved Scout!

12/3/2019 V0.43.0.11 Bug Fixes and minor enhancements
Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where unapproved Scouts are showing up for treasurers on the Payment Log Quick Entry (this is a Scoutbook bug workaround)
  • Fixes an issue on a payment entry screen will not show values over $1000 when editing (this is a Scoutbook bug workaround)
  • Fixes an issue with setting Scout Birthday events
  • Fixes an issue with Youth Leader Quick Entry where patrols were not showing up

Minor enhancements

  • Adds the Location map URL field to calendar event imports and exports
  • Hides maintenance notices from printable payment log balance reports

12/10/2019 V0.44.0 Enhancements and bug fixes


  • Payment Log Balance Report Email capability has been enhanced to allow you to select a threshold value when sending emails. You can now set a threshold to send emails for any balances below the threshold value.
  • Payment Log Quick Entry has been modified to allow you to put in unique notes for each Scout, or the same for all, just as you were able to do before with values.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue where calendar events spanning more than one day were not appearing on all the days was fixed.
  • An issue with the Autolog feature where the logs would not appear on demand was fixed.

12/14/2019 V0.44.0.1 Bug fix

  • Fixes loss of spaces in the Paylog Quick Entry Optional Notes.

12/27/19 V0.44.0.2 Bug Fixes

  • Issues with Youth Leadership Quick Entry resolved.
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12/29/2019 V0.44.0.3 Bug Fix and minor enhancement

Bug Fix

  • Payment Log Quick entry was showing extra note field

Minor Enhancement

  • Payment Balance Report was updated for Unit Accounting. Now shows summary Financial Position Report for the unit - based on a real accountant’s suggestion!

1/6/2020 V0.44.0.4 Bug fix and Minor enhancement
Bug Fix

  • Spinner trying to go the MBC List was fixed

Minor Enhancement

  • Payment Log entry on individual Scout logs now checks to see if Unit accounting is enabled for the unit and will query if matching unit transactions should also be made

1/9/2020 V0.44.0.5 Bug fix and minor enhancements

Bug fix

  • fix issue with removedScout Account showing up in paybalance report transaction filter

Minor enhancements

  • Enable unit accounting support for new native Payment Log QE (also removes old QE)
  • Added date, amount, description checks on paymententry pages

1/12/2020 V0.44.0.6 Bug Fixes
Bug Fix

  • Issues with invalid payment log amounts and amounts under $1 fixed
  • Payment Palance Report issue with filtering RemovedScout when RemovedScout was source of transaction fixed

1/15/2020 V0.44.0.7 Bug fixes and minor enhancement
Bug Fix

  • Payment Log Quick Entry - add checks for Scout name checked with no amount listed
  • Paybalance Report -Transaction detail report was missing for units not using the Unit Accounting feature

Minor Enhancement

  • Payment Log Quick Entry (unit accounting) - Scout names are now links to their individual Payment Log pages. Right click to open a new tab on their page. Makes it much faster to navigate there.
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