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Feature Assistant Change Request - Add Ages to RSVP Report

Request you add an Age column to Youth on the RSVP Report for events. This would be helpful for planning purposes on camping trips, in order to adhere to BSA policy of not having youth more than two years in age apart tent together. “Youth sharing tents must be no more than two years apart in age.” As a leader, if I had this info handy on the RSVP report (which we use as a roster), we could adapt our tenting plan more readily, rather than have to check ages each time.

As a BSA veteran of almost 35 years, I adore Scoutbook, and appreciate everything you do to help me support our Scouts’ program.

Thanks in advance!

Scouter Rob

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You can pull an age report from the roster builder pretty easily. We run it, push it through Excel to make a birthday matrix which works pretty well. When we get back to full-troop tent camping in the spring, it’ll get tacked to the door of the trailer for quick reference.


Thanks for the suggestion, and we already do a version of what you have suggested, but that doesn’t meet the need or request. We do not wish to print nor keep track of yet another report or roster, when the info (hopefully for the developer) could be easily added to the RSVP report.

Scouter Rob

I looked into whether I could “quickly” add the age. The RSVP report is based on the old Roster Report (which has been replaced on the Scoutbook UI with the new reports). The old Roster Report has the capability to print birthday (month and day) but not year or age, so I can’t modify the RSVP report with useful information unless I take a more time and labor intensive approach to collect the information some other way. Its a great idea. There is also some definition work going on for the RSVP report to be part of the native Scoubtook - I’ll pass this one along.


Awesome, thanks!

And, again, we are deeply grateful here in the field for all the work you do to make Scoutbook more user friendly.

Yours in Scouting,

Scouter Rob

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