Report based on RSVPs for a particular even to generate a "Short Term Camping Roster"

The state of Wisconsin requires a camp to maintain a “Short Term Camping Roster” when we use a council camp. It would be great if we could print this from Scoutbook right before heading out based on RSVPs. We could then mark it up based on last minute adds and nos.

I have attached our council’s form. It has the location, the event type, the unit #, the cabin or site, then the date, time start, time out, Scout’s name, Scout’s address, age, and ph. It then has a box if you are over 21. It also has a first aid log.

Short Term Camping Roster.pdf (399.9 KB)

@Matt.Johnson - is that a condition of site rental at a council facility ? If so, what I have done until such time as this type of request is done is print the unit roster and highlight those who are attending and present that to the ranger.

Yes. Good intermediate plan. Thank you! It would be nice to have the option to add adult’s age or better yet, over 18 and over 21, but that can be an easy markup.

@Matt.Johnson - the roster report can also be exported as CSV right… custom make your own list that way. Many ways to skin a cat…(you know that might be offensive to cat folk…) skin an apple…

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this approach, but that is an excellent way of getting the exact report needed in pretty quick order.

Thank you!

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