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Printing a Roster with full birthday - to ensure 2 year tenting rule

Hi. I’m trying to run a scout roster in Scoutbook and print out birthdays, but only the month and day print. The purpose of the list is to ensure we follow the 2 year rule for tenting, so I really need the year. We have a lot of scouts, so looking up each one separately is very time consuming. Any suggestions? Leaders will need to full birthday easily accessible in order to comply with the 2 year rule.

If you use Report Builder (not Print Roster / Roster Builder), then you can create a report with full DOB.

Another option is that unit Admins can Export / Backup the Scouts csv file, and DOB is one of the data fields.

Michelle, another option is to go into Member Manager (My.Scouting), click on the Youth roster. At the top (to the right of the Eagle Badge) click on the Print Youth Member Age Report icon to generate a current roster with the ages as of that date, image

While a helpful tool, it may not be sufficient by itself since the youth member age report shows ages in whole years. Scouts who show two years apart on that report could be anywhere from 1 year and a 1 day to 2 years and 364 days apart depending on their actual birth dates.

You could just tell the scouts to ask thier tent mates for their birthday and do the math. This is, after all a youth lead movement.

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Youth led, but adults are responsible for safety. If something happens between two youth in a tent who are more than two years apart, “we told the minors to figure it out for themselves” defense won’t get far in court. Further, a bully would likely be able to convince a younger scout not to say anything.

And you really think that if you do micromanage this rule and some scout performs a despicable act on his tent mate, you won’t be liable in court and on the block for dismissal from BSA (let alone full of second-guessing about what could be done differently)?
Don’t make this about lawyers. Make it about getting a job done. Who knows their birthdays better? The scouts, or whoever keyed some data into scoutbook? I’m suggesting that a collective group of scouts is more likely to get it right. A PL can manage this quite easily by graphing the scouts’ birth dates along his patrol flags’ staff.

More importantly, knowing the principle and working it out themselves will prepare scouts to stand up against abusive situations.

What is the rule/guideline/best practice when you have a single scout that is beyond the 2 years? (1 - 16 and next closest is 13 or 1 - 11 and the next closest is 14).

In this case, the single Scout would be alone in a tent.

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