Feature Assistant not activating

As of this morning, when I log into Scoutbook and refresh the page on the Dashboard (which in the past made the feature assistant load), the feature assistant is not activating.

Is there a way to check logs or see if there is an error message in order to troubleshoot?

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Try forcing a reload from your dashboard (ctrl-r). That usually forces it to load for me.

Sorry about that. I missed that you had already tried this. The debug panel depends on what browser you’re using. In Firefox, under the right side hamburger menu → Web Developer → Web Console (or Ctrl + Shift + K) will display it. I’m not as familiar with Chrome.

Features are not working for me either. It appears to have been updated yesterday (03/26/2021), presume something in the update is causing an issue. Reloading does not seem to affect it.

Also not loading for me, in both Chrome and Edge (which is now just Microsoft Chrome from what I can tell). Murphy’s law: The one day it doesn’t work is the day I have to enter 20 swim classifications!

Try looking at your extensions page to see if the extension is enabled

@JoseOrdinas-Lewis & @DennisHickey

Are you seeing this on a PC or Mac?

We have confirmed the problem exists for both PC and Mac. The developer is aware and will look into the problem as soon as he can.

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Thanks for the update.
For the record I am on Windows 10 using Chrome 89-standard release.

The extension has been updated and should resolve this issue.

Can confirm that the extension now loads correctly.

Thank you!

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