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Feature Assistant not working since Saturday

Is anyone else seeing this? Everything was fine Friday, but from Saturday on Feature Assistant doesn’t appear to be loading/working.

Is this on Firefox or Chrome?

It’s on Firefox 70.0.1

I just did some testing and Firefox is having some issues loading scripts - it is throwing errors unrelated to the specific addon, and none of the addons are loading properly. I found that after a few minutes, if I hard reloaded the page ( using the browser reload, not the Scoutbook reload) the extension features became available again. This is on BOTH android and desktop.

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Thank you - it was “finicky” but that trick worked for me too.

Thanks for the update…that’s the exact problem I’ve been having. Hard reloading (2x) seemed to do the trick.

I am also having this problem. Can you explain how to do the hard reload that you mention above. I am not sure how to do that. Thanks

I figured it out – just a page refresh. thanks