Feature Request: Allow Family RSVP for Internet Advancement Calendar

As a Family Cub Scout Pack, we often invite parents and siblings to participate in our events. It would be nice if the new Internet Advancement Calendar (and Scoutbook if it continues to offer the RSVP feature) would allow families to RSVP with more than one person attending.

Often, we have only one parent connected to each Cub Scout, so they might RSVP Yes for themselves and their Scout, but intend to bring a family of five. We often resort to creating a separate Sign-up Genius for each event just to collect a more accurate count of who is planning to attend.

Maybe this could take the form of asking how many guests are attending with you when filling in the RSVP from the IA Calendar. This might also help with “bring a friend” events for BSA troops too.

I see this was also suggested in the Scoutbook forum, but that topic was locked without comment.


Our troop has this issue as well, especially for planning a Court of Honor, bring-a-friend recruiting, or family camping. We want to make scoutbook our only destination for the troop, but it is impossible to use the calendar rsvp function to appropriately plan for events with non-troop members. Please add the ability to add extra people to rsvps in the events area.


This is in the backlog but we do not know for when it will be implemented.

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