Parent cannot RSVP for themselves or Scout

We have a parent that is not given the RSVP option for themselves or their Scout for events. I spoke with Council and they could not resolve either. I can’t seem to find any kind of elevated IT support for SB. Help please!

Council professional staff actually has the ability to file IT support requests that they can’t address. That said, the first few questions are:

  1. Are both the parent and scout invited to the event?
  2. Are RSVPs turned on for the event?
  3. Can the parent log in to Scoutbook?
  4. Is the parent connected to the scout as Parent/Guardian in Scoutbook?
  5. Does the parent see the scout when they log into Scoutbook?

If you post the BSA ID for the parent and/or scout (no names please!), as well as an example event that they can’t RSVP to, that will help with diagnosis.

@TrevorConroy If you post the BSA member numbers, we can take a look.

(No names, please)


Yes to the first 4. I would need to check with the parent regarding #5, but I’m pretty sure he can see his Scout.
Scout’s BSA is 137385267 and he only has the one parent connection.
Example event they cannot RSVP to is the only event on Dec. 9., a professional sporting game.

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@TrevorConroy - can the parent see the events

@TrevorConroy I reset the parent’s connection in Scoutbook. Could you ask the parent to try again?

I also updated their district in Scoutbook, although I wouldn’t expect having the wrong district to be the issue here.

Yes they can, and they get all the messages I send to the Den/Pack.


It works now, thank you!!!


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