IA Calendar Request. – Allow Scoutbook users to RSVP for non-Scoutbook guests

As a family Cub Scout pack, a lot of our events are open to parents, siblings, and friends not in Scoutbook, and currently there is not a great way to track these additional guests. This is making it hard to know how many additional adults and kids are coming to our events. The work around is parents can add them to the notes section, but these notes don’t show up in the RSVP reports. A couple of additional fields would be great. Here is what I am would like to see at a minimum:

  • Allow invitees to bring adult guests? Yes/no
    • How many adult guests will you be bringing?
    • Please enter the name of the X guests:
  • Allow invitees to bring child guests? Yes/no
    • How many child guests will you be bringing?
    • Please enter the name and ages of the X guests:

Even further would be able to track additional information.

  • Have they paid?
  • Have they turned in their paperwork?
  • A private notes field per guest for keeping track of whatever for the organizers needs.

Other Additional Features Request

Be able to designate event organizers that have complete control / access over the event. A lot of our events are not run by the top leaders in the pack, but without full access these organizers cannot get access to the full RSVP list and contact info. For example, the pop kernel, the pinewood derby chairman, etc.

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