Features from SB not in SBP/IA

I’m playing around in the new Scoutbook Plus/Internet Advancement and there are a few features from the old Scoutbook that I liked that I’m not seeing and I hope I’m just overlooking them. Any input would be appreciated!

  1. In the old Scoutbook as a Key 3, there was a dropdown at the top of the screen where I could navigate between any scout in any den. I don’t see that in SBP.
  2. In the old SB I had it set to show % complete next to each scout’s name. It was a quick way to see the progression of the Pack. I do not see that feature in SBP.

Hopefully I’m overlooking those features and if I’m not, hopefully there’s a place to suggest adding them.



I agree that those were both very useful features. I have pass this along to the developers. We do not know when or if IT will implement them.

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Thank you for passing the suggestions along. I appreciate it!

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