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Sync between SB and My.Scouting

I’m fairly new to SB and I’m having issues and seem to run into glitches in what isn’t a very easy system to navigate nor very user friendly considering the day and age we’re in. I digress…right now my issue is that the rosters shown on SB and My.Scouting don’t match. I’m missing leaders and Cubs on one, I have 2 Cubs registeres that in my 3 years with the Pack I’ve never heard of or seen but they show up, old leaders that should have been transferred to a Troop when their boys crossed over still show (that was fairly new like in FEB2020). I’m also seeing what looks to be discrepancies in awards between the 2 systems but I’ve not yet had a chance to dig into that issue further.

Can I do anything to fix this or must I contact our Council?
How often are the 2 systems to sync? daily, weekly, monthly?
Can I do anything in either one to force a sync to occur?

Appreciate any help. I’m trying to find any tutorials to help but I seem to hit glitches at every turn.
Like trying to move a DL last night to Tiger Den. I found out you can’t just use the DL option and pick the Den like for every other Den. On no, it shows the Tiger Den but it’s all grayed out where you can’t pick it and if you try to move on it tells you to go back to the Pack page and set up a Den, which already exists. After about 15 minutes of frustration I happen to stumble across, down the list there is a lone Tiger Den Leader option to select. So it is the only Den that has the DL call out specifically?? makes no sense or is it a throw back to when Tigers was the new Den similar to the Lion Dens of today?

I believe Tiger Den Leader is still a different registered position that Den Leader.

There are Registered positions: Lion DL, Tiger DL, DL, Webelos DL - and I have heard next year there will also be Wolf DL and Bear DL - so there will be no generic Den Leader position

So where are the Scouts missing? In Scoutbook or at my.scouting.org > member manager?

So will Registrars be instructed to change Den Leader roles in rank up is July but Unit recharter is December? If not, I foresee this being a complete mess and any way we can voice this reality to those making the change to better plan would be extremely wise.

Yeah the person said changes are coming to the DL positions and I literally said “Great, get rid of the Tiger, Webelos DL so we just have one position” and they said “no ever den will have their own named position for the statistics” and I then basically said exactly what you mentioned @ZacharyMcCarty

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Funny, I thought they were going in the opposite direction. I guess that was just position patch wise?

Thanks Donovan for trying to be a voice of reason. Hopefully they will also realize that there will need to be security updates, because there are places in My.Scouting and Scouting app that a Den Leader can access, but a Tiger Den Leader and Lion Guide cannot because developers forgot to include these different position types.

Well the Scouting app is for Parents and Scouts - not leaders - not sure what you think they cannot access in my.scouting? Unless you are a Key 3 - there is very little for the other leaders

Are you referring to IA 2.0? Or the Den Leader experience (beta)?

The Scouting mobile app is for parents and Scouts. Not much can be done there as leaders.

My.Scouting is limited, but unit Key 3 have default access and can designate some access to other registered leaders in the unit (Key 3 Delegates, Unit Advancement Chair, Unit Training Chair, etc.).

Sorry, I mis-typed. It was that My. Scouting app (if I recall). Didn’t have the same access for the Unit until I had the Den Leader position added instead of Tiger Den Leader. I don’t know if the Den Leader experience or IA2 had the same issue as my council Registrar had already added the Den Leader position (so unable to test if security rights were forgotten for this position to be equivalent to Den Leader. Probably worth checking with the developers just to make sure).

Dennis, others may respond to your comment of awards not matching between the systems. I will attempt to discuss the rosters.

The Scoutbook roster and the My.Scouting roster are mostly independent of each other.

Scoutbook roster = editable by the unit admins. Manually adding people & positions or making changes does not affect the My.Scouting roster.

  • Sync from My.Scouting roster to Scoutbook happens by comparison of First & Last Name, and birthday. If ALL don’t match, an account is created in Scoutbook for the person. BSA ID# is added to the account.
  • My.Scouting does not track sub-unit membership (den/patrol). When an account is created by My.Scouting in Scoutbook for a scout, they are not in a sub-unit. An admin will need to move them into the proper sub-unit. This will create a new membership entry on their membership record and end the old entry. Their old entry does not get deleted. Deleting an entry causes problems in the background, so that ability has been removed.
  • A scout that does not sync with the My.Scouting roster in 90 days will have their membership ended automatically. Get their membership sync’d! Work around = when 90 days are approaching, manually change their start date to the current date. When sync happens, edit start date to their actual start date.

My.Scouting roster = edits by the council registrar; additions, position changes within the unit, transfers.

  • a person is registered for the balance of the registration year (and until the recharter posts). Some councils are not on a calendar year. For this discussion, use year ending Dec. 31.
  • Fee is based on the remaining months of the year.
  • Removal is only for cause.
  • Additions are based on paperwork received and processed.
  • Transfers are based on paperwork received and processed.
  • Errors may be from paperwork not being correct or being misread. Errors I have seen are wrong personal data, wrong position, or wrong unit.

Solution = have a unit membership chair “own” both rosters.

  1. Keep the Scoutbook roster up to date. This enables good communication between parents and leaders - parents know who to contact and have the info to do so.
  2. Correct the My.Scouting roster.

a. Talk with your registrar to confirm your missing scouts and leaders are not registered in a different unit.
b. Complete paperwork for members needing to be registered. Fill out the paperwork completely and accurately. Followup with your registrar to confirm it was received and that the paperwork is complete and accurate.
c. Talk with your registrar to confirm that folks not actually in the unit (but on your roster) are not registered with another unit (sometimes transfers are processed as a new registration).
d. If a registered adult does not transfer out, they will remain on your roster until your recharter is posted. You can change their registration to Unit Scouter Reserve, if you wish. This moves them to a position that does not affect JTE statistics.
e. Talk to your registrar to update leader positions as people switch responsibilities. Mostly, this is once a year as dens advance. Some councils require paperwork for this.
f. Compare both rosters; confirm that the data is the same in both. Sometimes the BSA ID#s don’t match, addresses can be different, etc.

  1. Monitor the roster to keep them accurate. Once the rosters match, then maintenance is minor.

Adding on to @DougWright’s post:

@DennisVasbinder Your official roster is at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools) in the Member Manager. Your unit’s Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and Chartered Org. Rep.) should have access to the Member Manager. They can also designate up to three registered adults as Key 3 Delegates to also have access to the Member Manager.

If registered Cub Scouts or adult leaders are not listed in the Member Manager, then you need to have someone (most likely Committee Chair or New Member Coordinator) contact your council.

Some units keep track of inactive Scouts by having an inactive den, where they move Scouts until they are dropped at recharter time. But you can also remove Scouts that are no longer with your unit by going to their [Scout]'s Membership page, clicking on their current membership with your pack, and adding a Date Ended. [Note: Before ending a Scout’s membership with your pack, you will want to remove connections that are no longer needed (except Admins and parents).]

For adult leaders that are no longer with your unit, go to your Pack Roster page, click on their name, then click on their position with the pack. Add a Date Ended to end the position.

When you are finished making all of the changes that you want to make, go to your Pack Roster page, and click on the “Clean Old Connections” button to remove connections between Scouts and adults that are no longer needed.

With regard to discrepancies between Scoutbook and Internet Advancement 2.0, I am not sure what you mean. More specifics would be helpful to answer your question.

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There is my.Scouting Organization Manager tool but I do not know where the sub-unit part is used or planned to be used, I do not believe it is linked to Scout Book.

The Organization Manager in my.scouting.org doesn’t have anything to do with the unit membership; it doesn’t even have a list of the unit members, other than the Key 3.

Member Manager is what you’re thinking of, @Bill_W. It’s got a feature called “Sub Organization Assignment”, but when I looked at it today, it looks useless – you can’t assign a youth to a sub-unit until you define sub-units, and the webpage bombs out when you click “Manage Organization”.

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