Features wishlist for Activity Log

Hi! A few Activity Log dashboard requests:

  1. Project Starts and Ends dates should be intuitive for the year currently in on main dashboard page, furthermore should auto navigate to current month in dashboard page.

  2. Ends Dates, if ALL DAY selected, should auto match STARTS date

  3. Dates should be able to be manually typed as opposed to ONLY being able to input a date via the Calendar Date Selector

  4. Firestone Scout Reservation should be part of the locations list, as well maybe custom locations be able to be saved to an address book?

  5. Activities should be able to be Copied to new dates or saved as a Template?

Thanks in advance!

  • Eloy

Some activities can be anywhere. BSA® computer programing challenges include how to support logging data for multiple programs and awards with different requirements.

Firestone Scout Reservation | Greater Los Angeles Area Council (glaacbsa.org) is a council reservation/camp.

I have not seen a nationally maintained list of reservations and camps in years.

I suspect there are identification, data maintenance costs, labor costs, and possibility tax related issues. I suggest talking to your council senior staff if you wish to have your council sponsor this request.


More categories would be nice. Not every event counts as hiking, camping, or service. Hours on the water (for NOA aquatics) and miles of riding (via bike, horse, etc.) would be great.

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Let us not forget Sea Scout BSA advancement and awards requirements.


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Would be nice if the guest lines on the service event entry would allow specifying a BSA ID if the guest was registered elsewhere. Such as a Scouts BSA member visiting a Venturing crew service event.

Failing that, a flag or separate category to distinguish guests registered in other units from pure unregistered guests.

Yes, and while they offer, “long cruise” as an activity, there are plenty of aquatics and “time on the water” activities that cannot be logged as part of long cruises so for kids like mine who is both a sea and land scout, it is still difficult to track aquatics activities that do not count toward the long cruise.