Feb 13, 2023 - Internet Advancement and Internet Recharter Change Log

Bug Fixes

Fixed the following issues:

  • Review Activity Entry Issues in Camping Activity Entry (fixes issue with adults not credited properly, adults appearing under youth and and adults)
  • Admin is unable to save or make changes to Activity (fixes issue with admins editing activities)
  • As a parent, I need for picture update for my child to reflect in IA and SB (fixes issue with profile picture edit)
  • Adults listed in youth section in service activity listing and double counted (fixes issue with adults listed in youth and adult section)
  • uploadCBCAuth should check for duplicate file names, (checks to make sure duplicate files are not uploaded for different individuals in recharter)

Bug Fixes for IA Beta Calendar Users

  • User with only parent role unable to view calendar
  • Troop Admin unable to edit calendar events
  • Events brought in from SB.com should be editable in IA
  • [Create/Edit Events] Invited Youth/Adult Names not showing on attendees section after selecting them
  • Reformat the reminders section in the create calendar event (avoids automatic conversion to hours for IA calendar)