Updating Scout's Profiles in Scout Book

Has there been any movement to fix the ability for Scout Book admins to up date the Scout’s Scout Book profile? When I select update it Scout Book, the link opens Internet Advancement. I am able to update the picture in Internet Advancement, but is does not propagate to Scout Book. We have photos that are way out of date and does not provide uniformity. Maybe the link to Internet Advance should be unlinked to Scout Book? This has been going on for too long and it does not show a good Troop appearance. Other details, i.e., parents emails cannot be updated as well. We can’t set the parent up to view for them to review their scouts progress because we cannot update their email address.

If you update an IA photo it does feed to SB now - if you see that not happening post the BSA number or the SB user ID

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It does take like 15 minutes to show in SB though

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One NOTE on Photos - Square Photos work best as the 2 systems have different crops

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They can update these themself. If they can’t log in, they should try typing “forgot password” in the chatbot on my.scouting. Or your council can reset their password.

Ok. What about the other issue? As an Admin I cannot add or update their photo as I have done since Scout Book came into existence.

Thank you for the reply.

I think part of the problem is the Scout Book link to update the profile. It goes to IA and does not PROPAGATE back to Scout Bk. If they don’t use the same system they should not be linked. The photo saves in IA, but we use Scout more.

IA never updates (propagates) to Scout Book. I make changes to IA and can wait for a week only to see no results.

It looks like something was released on Feb 13 that we thought would fix it. Are you saying you’ve been unsuccessful more recently than that?

If you have an image in IA before the 2/13 update it will not move to SB - you need to delete it and reupload

In addition, the photos ingested from IA are not properly sized for Scoutbook reports. (They are massive in size.)

In addition, as an Admin, I have no way to delete an inappropriate profile photo without supplying a new one.

To the point they are covering up the RSVP icon.

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