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August 1, 2019 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Connections
    • An issue that generated a Whoops error when sending an invitation to connect to Scouts has been fixed.
  • Cub Scout Rank Versions
    • An issue that prevented Cub Scouts from being switched to the current rank version when moving to a new rank has been fixed. When a Cub Scout’s den is advanced, the Cub Scout is moved to a different rank den, the Cub Scout completes the current rank or the Webelos/AOL toggle switch is moved, the Scout will be assigned the current version of the new rank. As part of this change, Cub Scouts not on the current rank version have been moved. Completed ranks and previous ranks were not affected.
  • Date of Birth
    • An issue that prevented the date of birth for new adult leaders from being recorded in the database has been fixed.
  • Eagle Rank
    • Since Eagle Rank requires approval by the BSA, Scoutbook should not be allowing the completion date to change after the rank has been approved. The completion date is editable until the rank has been approved. An issue that was allowing Eagle completion dates to change after the rank is approved has been fixed.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Upload
    • An issue that caused the Merit Badge Counselor upload queue to hang on errors has been corrected. If an error occurs processing a file, a waiting file will start processing.
  • Merit Badges
    • An issue that caused the date to be unchangeable when a Merit Badge has all requirements marked complete has been fixed. The overall completion date is once again editable.
  • Parent Dashboard
    • An issue that allowed parents to see the Quick Entry screens has been fixed. Due to Scoutbook architecture, Quick Entry screens are only accessible by leaders.
  • Report Builder
    • Designer Settings option to “Abbreviate Last Names” with initial is fixed.

New Features

  • Edit Profile
    • The username field has been removed from the Edit Profile page. To change your username, use the Switch SSO Profile page.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Upload
    • Custom e-mail text is now supported for Merit Badge Counselor Upload by a Council Admin. E-mails will be sent when an MBC is added or removed or an MBC’s Merit Badge list is changed.
  • Planned Advancement
    • Planned Advancement has been added to the calendar for Lion Adventures.
  • Report Builder
    • Reports are now always in a spreadsheet format for desktop and mobile with the name heading row and the title column frozen. The names and titles remain frozen as you scroll vertically or horizontally, respectively.
    • Designer Settings option to "Show Header On Each PDF Page: A PDF report can be generated with or without name headers. Users concerned about report density on the page and usage of paper can print the PDF report without headers on each page. This is the default. Headers make each page easier to read, but use more space and/or paper…
    • An option to include the header (Scout Names) on each page of a PDF has been added to Report Builder Designer. The option is at the bottom of the options list.
    • Designer Settings option to “Show Scout Image”: Showing the Scout’s picture is optional and is off by default.
    • Number of columns are adjusted according to screen or PDF width and width of selected information.
    • Name headings are displayed diagonally.
    • Name headings change height according to longest name.
  • Scout History Reports
    • Unit Admins and Key 3 can now report any Cub Scout or Scouts BSA History Report based on the Scout’s BSA Member ID. To search for report by BSA Member ID, go to to My Dashboard -> Reports -> Cub Scout History Report or Scouts BSA History Report.