Filter or Sort Retired Awards?

When one looks at the list of awards, there are a number that can no longer be earned.
Many you need to navitate into before you see they are retired, and a few you need to read through the requirements before you know it.

While they certainly have their place in the tool, is there any way that we could improve the UX for current scouters?

A couple of thoughts that come to my mind:
1). Sort it into 2 lists…
Rather than “Other Awards” - split it into: “Currently Available Awards” and “Retired Awards”
That way current scouts can easily tell if they are looking at something they can achieve.

2). A different approach would be a checkbox “Show Retired Awards” with the default being unchecked. In the event that a user needs to see or tweak a retired award they could, but I suspect that is rarely the case.

Either approach would show users a cleaner list of things that they can work toward, which I expect will be a more positive user experience.

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Which program are you referring to? Cub Scouts?

All. This would be nice as the awards listed include one time Jamboree ones (if I recall) and other irrelevant awards. For Scouts BSA I count 6 that are no longer earnable.

May I suggest using “old” instead of “retired”.


Well, you could suggest old, but they are already called retired if you look. Eagle is old, but not retired.

“Discontinued” might be an alternate word to consider

I was focused on Scouts BSA , but presumed it could apply to all programs

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