The Tired topic of Retired Awards

Looks like someone requests this about once a year, but can we improve the display of awards in Scoutbook so that it’s more obvious what is retired?
I’ve looped back around to work with cubs again after a little while away, and pulled up the awards page to check on the Emergency Preparedness Award. Still listed! Nice!
Skimmed the requirements and only noticed the “Retired” note after spending way too much time trying to figure out where to find the long out-of-print workbook mentioned. Scratched that off the list and scanned what else might be available: Leave No Trace? Click… retired. SCOUTStrong? Open… retired. All three of them.
Grouping or filtering them or adding pop-ups like the 2021 & 2022 threads requested would be lovely, but simply adding “RETIRED” to the name in the list (not just on the page for that specific award) would be really helpful.
This is already done with the Beltloops, so it seems like it ought to be feasible for awards, too.

It would be good to have a toggle “hide retired”.

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