Removing Retired Advancement and/or Awards options as applicable

In continuing efforts to make Scoutbook more efficient, is there a reason why retired awards/advancements can’t simply be removed from the main list of awards? Or minimally, create a “Retired” folder if someone wants to see what used to be available? Clicking through the awards only to notice it’s no longer available is cumbersome. I’m new in general to “how things work” but streamlining webpages is certainly something I think most of us could agree upon. Not sure how it would have to happen or if it could, but thought I’d try and get the conversation out there. Thanks very much!

@JoshMiens - there are scouts that have earned the retired awards and removing them would remove that from their record.


The architecture of Scoutbook does not make it easy to do what you suggest. Over time, the functions in Scoutbook are being moved to the Internet Advancement user interface. Retired awards may be handled differently once the transition is complete.

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That’s a good point, thank you. I didn’t think it would do that. If all things are eventually moving to Internet Advancement, maybe they could have an Archived/Retired section specifically. Time will tell. Thanks for the input!

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