Finding MB Counselors in YOUR UNIT

Can you see the MB counselor list by primary unit association if that person has one. I know it’s a “council position” but also we know that it’s usually easiest when looking to see who does “XYZ Merit Badge” to look in your unit first. If my leaders live further away than 25 other counselors they are kind of hard to find in the list in SB. I’d really rather say “Well, noone in the unit is registered for that MB” first. Or to have a quick check that I have 3 MB counselors in my unit for a specific badge.

There isn’t a way to sort by unit affiliation in the MBC list. Unit admins can create a Roster Builder report that shows registered MBCs in the unit, though.

ETA: …but that can’t be easily sorted by MB, either.

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You can use Roster Builder in Scoutbook to find out which MBs your members counsel.


hot sauce, did not realize this option was there. Thanks!


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