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Finding out if a scout has completed a merit badge that is required as part of another merit badge


Wondering if there is a way as an assigned MBC for a badge to use Scoutbook to see if that scout has completed another merit badge that is required – for example, the First Aid merit badge is a required merit badge to be awarded the Emergency Preparedness merit badge.



Ask them.

This is more than just checking off the box that they’ve done the First Aid MB, it’s a chance to share your experience about providing first aid/emergency medical aid and giving the Scouts a better experience earning the E-Prep badge.

Of course, but was just wondering if there was a way to validate completion in this ‘digital age’.


For that, I’m not sure, since I’m a Merit Badge Counselor and a Troop admin… All the kids I’m counseling are in my Troop, so I can see everything for all of them anyways.

A number of instances like that the First Aid (for example) is hotlinked to Eprep - so the req self completes when the second MB is done. That being said not sure on this instance.

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