Merit Badge Requirement Version Unkown

I have used the extension to start a number of scouts in a merit badge (Family Life). Some scouts are assigned to “Family Life-(2019-2021)” and others are assigned to “Family Life-undefined.” Is there any way to have them all updated to be the same version? (This allows the completion report to show accordingly.)

@GoodloeWhite can you send a screenshot of undefined?

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 7.23.09 AM

Here are a few screen shots. The version number shows up on the advancement page, but not the one further down.

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The “year version” block does not appear on the following page for this merit badge (but it does for other ones):

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What is BSA# of Scout that has the issue?


There are many others, though.

they are on the current version 283

What is the “current version” ? 2019? Is there any way to move all scouts to the “current version”? That allows the merit badge report to be run with all scouts in the same column of requirements.

Get the URL of the merit badge for me please

This is the page that lists the requirements for the scout.

NewMeritBadgeVersionID=283 - that is the current version

How do I switch the scouts on 2019 to the current version? (They all started at the same time.)

To change the version you need to click on Percent Complete then delete the Merit Badge and add it back. Unfortunately once a requirement is marked complete, you can’t change the MB version without removing the MB.

This is the problem screen I am having. I left off the scout names at the top.

We have sent this to developers

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@GoodloeWhite can you get me the URL of this report please

The report was run using the extension so I’m not sure the url is meaningful: My Dashboard (

What extension report was it? @GaryFeutz

That is the MBC extension report on the dashboard - “Reports for MBC Counselors”. I will take a look.