Fix Released for: SCO 800 Hazardous Weather Training Issue

This was posted to Facebook this morning by the BSA Volunteer Training Team…

SCO 800 Hazardous Weather Training Issue

We have had issues with this course freezing at inconsistent points and individuals not being able to complete the course. In many cases individuals have been able to complete the course with no issues including when testing from our side.

We have analyzed the issue from several sources and have discovered there is an issue with a vendor plug-in we have used in the past. As a result, we have removed the plug-in and made changes to the course. The new course is now loaded to the Learn Center as of last week and we have not seen any reported issues with the new version.

We apologize for any inconvenience but, given the inconsistent nature the plug-in sometimes caused - it was not a quick discovery process.

Please note that before retaking the course we recommend the following steps:

  1. Use one of the recommended browsers – Chrome or Edge (ensure you are on the latest version)

  2. Clear your cache to ensure the old plug-in is not interfering with the new launch of the course.

Below are links to help you ensure Chrome and Edge are current:

Chrome -

Edge -…/microsoft-edge-update…

Thank you for your patience and the volunteer input on reporting issues. Constructive feedback is a gift that enables us to make improvements and fixes.


Thanks for this post. I was having trouble running this course on Safari on a Mac earlier today, it kept freezing consistently right after the wind hazards activity. However, it worked great with Chrome.

I cannot get this to complete on multiple platforms/browers as suggested. Stops working at “Traditional Weather…” will not resume but forces a complete start over each time whether Windows on IOS with latest Chrome.

Just to confirm, when on Windows, did you use a incognito?

I don’t know your computer will level, so you know how to set the scamming to 100%? Some of the controls are hidden or way way way too small on modern resolutions.

@RonaldBlaisdell any update on them fixing the trainings? There are clearly issues and “ya ain’t doing it right” is not getting the results we need.

Set the scaling, not scamming, right? :wink: That should only resolve the “hidden buttons” issue. The freezing is a different problem, I imagine. Definitely worth trying an incognito/private browsing window to see if some add-in is interacting unfavorably with the site, though.

The unit is broken. No matter what configuration I use or which hardware I use, I get stopped here every time and have to start over because the resume function in the training site doesn’t resume.

Seems pretty broken. In the past many of the control buttons couldn’t be seen or they were like single pixels.

I only report them. I have no control over the work queue. I’m a volunteer.

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Yes, I know. :frowning:
I hope the ears listen and realize that things are getting pretty bad. I actually dread encouraging volunteers to get trained as the system eats motivation for lunch.

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