Broken training (Hazardous Weather Training)

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(If you are reporting an issue with My.Scouting, please include all of the following items so we can better assist you:
1) Hardware: Desktop or Mobile (if mobile, please be specific) Mac M1 laptop
2) Operating system MacOS 12.2.1 (aka Monterey)
3) Browser fails in both Safari 15.3 and Firefox 100.0.1 (both most current)
4) Browser cache has been cleared or you are using a private browsing mode (aka Incognito Window in Chrome) yes cleared
5) Member ID & Council of person affected. GGAC - ID 12026066
Thank you!)

As discussed in the fall, Hazardous Weather Training is still broken. It hangs (at 80% done) when you hit “Traditional Weather Signs” and you can’t continue. Get a frozen screen and it doesn’t continue, even if you leave and come back in a half hour later. You can try going back and it will reload the last module, and then hang again when it hits this section. Trying Firefox instead, it tells you 80% done and gives a resume button, but doesn’t let you resume and instead restarts you at the beginning of the course …

So folks can’t get trained. No system is better than a broken system.

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Try it again in Chrome. They are very narrow in their development.

I have not confirmed yet what content authoring software was used for the updated course. I have confirmed that the web page generator is Adobe Captivate from a learning plan navigation message/request.

The BSA® Learn Center catalog dashboard header states:

Use Latest Version Of [Google] Chrome Or [Microsoft] Edge.

I do not believe BSA IDG is currently testing new and updated courses for use with Firefox and Safari. But I could be wrong. “Things, they are a changing”

Google Chrome for macOS

Per Google Chrome - Downloads

Mac OS X 10.11 or later

is required.

Microsoft Edge for Apple operating systems

Per “Microsoft Edge supported Operating Systems”, Article 12/02/2021,, accessed 5/18/2022, operating system required:

macOS: Sierra (10.12) and later

iOS: Microsoft Edge for iPad® and iPhone® requires iOS 11.0 or later. Microsoft Edge for iPad Pro™ requires iOS 11.0 or later. Microsoft Edge is supported on the two most recent versions of iOS. …

Edge v.s. Chrome note

Per “Download the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium”
Microsoft Edge Windows 10 article, January 2020, the Edge browser was based on Chromium, not Google Chrome.

My comment: Apple and/or Microsoft support for MacOS may be currently frozen. More research is needed. I am not a MacOS expert. (A long time has pasted since I last used a MacOS system.)

Hazardous weather training build

From the error messages, this training course appears to have been built using:

  • Captivate Extra
    • Version: 1.5.2 (year?)
    • Build: 10845
    • Written By: Tristan Ward
    • Company: Infosemantics
    • License: See license document provided with CpExtra purchase
    • Copyright: Tristan Ward 2020

Adobe Captivate system requirements
Last updated on Feb 24, 2022, for MacOS the 2019 version appears to support HTML5:

  • Safari 12.1.1 (or later)
  • Chrome 70 (or later)
  • Firefox 60 (or later)


Appears to be related to cloud management and file delivery used by, not the actual content, per

Internal v.s. external server confusion for Quiz?

GGAC council committee member

Thanks for these thorough details – they should hire you. Note my OS and browser are well within the specs required and supported by captivate. Not sure if you are intending to give me a solution or helping the developers see their bug (apparently in captivate server/cloud delivery? – which would make sense with it hanging looking for the next content)

For the development team:
I’m frustrated by the frequent mentions to try another OS or browser. Note that BSA can’t not support Safari at this point… It is the default installed browser on hundreds of millions of systems, ~20% worldwide, far more than Edge at 4%, etc. [] But in the US where BSA actually is, Safari’s percentage is far higher given preponderance of iPhones (36% Safari, 49% chrome, 6% edge) … [Browser Market Share United States Of America | Statcounter Global Stats] Some users don’t know how or want to install other browsers, and many have admin policies that prevent installing other browsers so you must use the default. So does BSA want to exclude nearly half its membership?

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I can’t agree enough. It is a sad state of affairs. There should be as little pain and barrier as possible for training as it is hard to get people to want to. Then make them install a new browser? Man, super poor customer service.


I also need this training for Cub Scout day camp in 2 weeks and it hangs at 80%. Have tried on my MacBook Air on chrome and safari. Who handles the website? Why is BSA online BEYOND FRUSTRATING!?

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Course Update

I do not know if a Hazardous Weather Training course update will be included in the Learning Management System learning plans changed planned for June 1, 2022. The current one (from its course description) appears to be one developed for the Sea Scout program. The BSA Learn Center team may have forgotten the requirements for all outdoor activities.

Have you tried

This may not work if your device is using macbe OS Monterey since the Adobe Captivate LMS does not appear to be updated by Ado yet for that operating system.

Your computing environment?

Which macOS are you using. Is it macOS Monterey on M1 chip hardware?

Do you know which version of Safari and Google Chrome browsers you were using?

Internet Domain Name Server (DNS) issues

There have some been DNS problems on the internet lately that may be affecting delivery of files to your device. These problems may be beyond the control of BSA®.

Learning Management System (LMS)

I suspect the BSA® IT team managing the BSA Learn Center may be frustrated with Adobe’s slow updating of Adobe Captivate. Related forums:


I have tried this on 3 different browsers and have followed the suggestions and still can not complete this. How do I sign off on this?

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What are you see at what point? What do you see that doesn’t let you continue? These other issues are from May, so many things may have changed from then.

I get the the wind training and they it shows different pictures, a man mountain climbing, a boat on the water, a down tree then it stops.

I just rechecked and can confirm it is still broken so sadly you can’t complete it (I haven’t visited since May when I first found it stuck – my council online czar manually marked me completed so I could complete my training reqs which may be the only solution for many)

Using MacOS 12.2.1 (Monterey, latest) and Safari 15.3 (latest):

  1. in the first module (pretest opening) after the first screen of questions the radio buttons are unclickable visually, although it is registering the zone you click so you can get the right answers but very confusing I presume for most users. This then continues throughout.

  2. when I reach “Traditional Weather Signs” it gets fully stuck – the “loading” rotating boxes just cycle, then stop, then restart cycling.

@ECScouter Did you try using the latest versions of Chrome or Edge? Using Safari is not recommended for training.

Thanks but see the full post history for prior discussion on this. Safari commands far too much of the market to not be supported (many times more than Edge’s 6%!). If BSA wants people to take their time for training, it needs to support its marketplace. But it appears it’s likely not the browser or OS in this case, as Captivate (the tool used) claims to support both.


We do not disagree with you with respect to Safari, however, we are just volunteers. The BSA does not monitor these forums. If you want to work towards getting Safari supported for training, you will need to contact your local council and ask them to submit a ticket with BSA IT requesting support for Safari. Only councils are able to submit tickets.


Can you try it with Chrome and report back? If it works with Chrome, we can more clearly communicate that people with have an issue with Safari.

I tried with chrome on my cellphone, chrome on my computer and safari which none worked.

One last thing to try is chrome on your computer in incognito mode.

After that, I’m not sure what to try next.

@RonaldBlaisdell Any ideas?

I will try a plain unencumbered chrome session as I need to take this training and report back.


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