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SCO_800 Hazardous Weather module not working

One of our pack leaders has been attempting to retake the Hazardous Weather module, but it is not working for him. Here’s what he is doing:

"I have logged on and started the module. It goes from the intro into the first of 12 modules and then goes white screen. "

Any suggestions? He was successful in completing his four YPT modules, so the problem is not with all the modules.

some internet browsers don’t load the trainings. I find using chrome (if on window) works best for the trainings.

I like to report that indeed there is something wrong with the SCO_800 Hazardous Weather module. I remember 2-years ago I experienced some issues that I thought was like everyone says just browser compatibility. But since I needed to re-certify, today I logged and started, getting stuck right after the first 1-2 slides. When you try to manually advance by clicking on the “play” of “next/forward” controls; the module returns to the beginning of the presentation. I changed browsers back & forth, re-booted the computer and finally found a work-around by having to re-click “next/forward” every time I completed each of the 10 Topics to Explore, as the module takes you back to the beginning EVERY TIME. As DougWright mentioned (above in the original post); I’ve been also working on several training modules, and there is something definitely broken here. I remembered from back 2 years ago, and it’s happening again. I Am a Training Chair for my District, and noticed a BIG number of adults that are not current in SCO_800… Have a gut-feeling HOUSTON, WE GOT A PROBLEM!