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Signing up for an event in the Scoutbook Calendar

When we post a new event in Scoutbook Calendar, we also choose the list(s) of invitees to that event. When we ask for an RSVP from those invitees, a Question Mark (?) in a blue circle, appears by their names for that event. This indicates that that person has not yet responded to the invitation.

When they respond by indicating YES or NO to their ability to attend the question mark by their name changes to a Red X or a Green check mark.

There is also MAYBE button to click on if that person is not yet certain whether or not they can attend. When the person clicks on this option, the Question Mark, unchanged, remains by their name.

We use the RSVP feature in Scoutbook so we know that a person responding has Seen the information and is Aware of the event. However, the Maybe function does not change anything. We don’t know if the person saw the information or not.

Could you either remove the MAYBE button or, better yet, change the color of the Question Mark balloon to indicate that someone has made a MAYBE entry?

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BSA has stated their intention to do a major update to the Event / Calendar module. They have not stated what features, or the timing for the update. An indication of a selected Maybe is on the list of features requested.

I’m hoping that they also include the option to RSVP siblings.

They could do that now in the Send a Note section at the bottom screen.

But does that add to the headcount for RSVP? Scoutlander and ScoutManager both have the “additional” count option so the total includes the siblings.

We haven’t started using the RSVP in Scoutbook yet, so I may just be ignorant, but it doesn’t appear to give you the option of siblings.

Correct…No way to account for mom-registered persons (as yet)

Since most (if not all) the other scout management websites seem to have this function, I assume it will be added when the calendar is reworked.