Why is the formatting of the event description in the new IA Calendar showing?

The event descriptions for our troops being displayed on the new IA calendar are showing the formatting options used is Scoutbook, such as [b], [i] and the closing parameters as well [/b], [/i], , .

Will this be fixed in the near future? It’s very distracting and makes it appear that typos are throughout the event description.

Thank you.

We are seeing this same issue: when I use the formatting tools in the Description field for an event in IA Calendar, the description text displays properly formatted (bold, italics, etc) in IA Calendar (both web and app), HOWEVER, the description text displays all the and in the subscribed calendar for our users.

I agree that either the formatting tools should be hidden or the formatting error for user subscribed calendars should be fixed, or at a minimum a hovertext note should tell the event creator that any formatting will not show up in subscribed calendars until a more permanent fix can be implemented.

Adding hypertext links doesn’t work properly in subscribed calendars either.

Report from the development team is this has been fixed but if the event was created before the fix was released, the formatting may still show.

I just created a new campout event and the formatting toolbar is still showing:

@AaronGjerde - I just checked our unit websites which are subscribed to the IA calendars and O do not see the toolbar showing. I only see the toolbar if I am in edit event in IA calendar.

My experience and observations are the same as yours, @Stephen_Hornak, but I believe this is evidence of the problem that the original poster described - which is that the formatting toolbar is displayed while editing the description field of an event, however, when the formatted description displays in a subscribed calendar, the formatting html tags are what are displayed, rather than properly formatted text. My original observation matched yours, which is that the formatting toolbar does not display in the subscribed calendar (nor should it). The solution, as I understand from @edavignon, was to remove the formatting toolbar from the edit screen, but there are two observations that it is still present.

@AaronGjerde - well no… the format toolbar should always be present in the edit event… it was the formating tags that was at issue.

When you save you remain on the Edit page you are not returned to the Event Page - so the formatting should still show

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Ah-ha! Thank you for the clarification! I’ll re-test the html tags displaying properly in an event description, as I would really like the ability to insert a URL into the notes of an event.

Now that I understand the how the functionality is supposed to work, I tried adding a link to the word “honor” in the description of a new event and the URL tags are still not working in my subscribed Apple Calendar.

I also added bold formatting to the word “AGENDA”, which also is still showing the html tags.

See screenshot from my Apple Calendar:

Not sure this is controllable as it is VERY Client based and what they are using

you can just type a url with out the link and it shows fine and functions at least in apple

And it works for outlook, comcast web email client as just the straight url

Just typing the URL instead of using the ‘insert hyperlink’ button in the toolbar works as a workaround. May I suggest that the online How to document be updated with this suggestion?

The html tags for BOLD formatting still show up and are not displayed properly. For my purposes, I will just not use them.

I still hope the development team can address these display issues for the notes field for events in subscribed calendars on Apple products at some point.

Thank you!