Forum for Interpretation of Scouting Requirements

Under what topic can I ask questions about the interpretation of Scouting requirements?

Specifically, Camping MB 9b (5) Plan and carry out an overnight snow camping experience.

What constitutes a ‘snow camping experience’ ? Does that mean there is a blanket of snow on the ground, with no patches? If so, how many inches of snow would meet the requirement? Is a minimum temperature required? or a snowstorm is forecast for the area during the campout?


@ThomasArmstrong reach out to your council or DE for advise on this

There is no official online resource? I thought National would be a more accurate ‘official’ source than local council. Some of the requirements are rather subtle.

Thanks for your prompt reply.



Unfortunately the National Council of the BSA has decided that all program related questions are to be addressed to the local councils. If a local council does not know the answer, their staff can reach out to folks in Irving.