Founder bar in wrong unit

My son is part of a new ship is also part of a troop and a crew. The crew is affiliated with the troop, the ship is not. If he is marked with the founder bar in the ship it shows up for approval and then for awarding in the troop. Since this has nothing to do with the troop this should not happen. It seems a change is needed.

That is how the system works - advancements show in all units - it is just a matter of being organized

The founder bar can’t apply to his other units, why would his scoutmaster be able to approve that? When getting ready for the court of honor and we have to send items to the purchase order we run the risk of buying and awarding items for other units. We have other scouts who are also in this situation. We have to point out to every person with access that is able to help with this process to be on the lookout for these things. How is that a good idea?


As Donovan said, this is just how Scoutbook works. If a Scout is a member of multiple units, it is critical that the units communicate to determine which unit should approve and purchase awards and advancement. Since the Founder bar applies to all unit types, it will appear in the reports for all units. In this case the Troop should just ignore it and allow the Ship to approve and purchase the founder bar. There are no plans to rearchitect Scoutbook to change this behavior.

If you were to see Sea Scout ranks appear on a Troop or Crew report, that would be a bug that we could get fixed. Conversely, a Scout who earns First Class in a Troop can work on Scouts BSA advancement in a Ship or Crew so Scouts BSA advancement would appear on all 3 unit type reports.

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