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August 25, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Blue Cards
    • An issue that caused Print Blue Card from respecting the search dates has been fixed.
  • Disapprove Sub-unit
    • An issue that prevented youth and adult leader positions in a sub-unit (Den or Patrol) from being automatically ended has been fixed. When a sub-unit was disapproved but still had youth or adult leaders assigned, the sub-unit would still appear in the unit list. These positions will now be ended so the disapproved sub-unit will disappear.
  • Individual Advancement Record
    • An issue that caused the wrong unit to be displayed on the Individual Advancement Record has been fixed.
  • Leader Count
    • An issue that caused the Leader Count to differ between the Unit page and the Unit Roster has been fixed. The counts will now match.
  • Personal Fitness Merit Badge
    • A formatting issue with the Personal Fitness Merit Badge has been fixed.
  • Start Merit Badge
    • An issue that prevented a Scout from starting a Merit Badge in Scoutbook and instead being redirected to the dashboard has been fixed.
  • Youth Leadership
    • An issue that prevented future start or end dates from being entered for Youth Leadership positions has been fixed.

New Features

  • Founder’s Bar
    • Scoutbook now supports the Founder’s Bar. To enable the Founder’s bar, edit the Scout’s membership in the unit where the Scout was a Founder and move the Founding Member slider to the right. After turning on the slider, go to the Scout’s Awards page, select the Founder’s bar and enter a completion date. For a Scout registered in multiple units, the Founders Bar will only appear when that unit is selected. A simplified process for the Founder’s Bar will be released soon.